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The Arizona Duuude character was conceived by Bob Roloff, to attract attention, and redirect it onto his beloved adopted home state of Arizona. Bob has traveled around Arizona for 50 years, soaking up the beauty and history of this, The Grand Canyon State. As the Arizona Duuude he enjoys pointing out people and places of interest and importance to the history of Arizona. Thousands of people move into Arizona every year,school children in the 4th grades are required to study Arizona history. Many more visitors pass through Arizona looking for something of the Old West. The Duuude sees this interest and tries to help by seeking out people and places of interest in Arizona history.Then writing about them in the "Wild West Gazette", thereby sharing it with many newcomers to Arizona and young people just starting to discover their home state. The real treasure the Duuude seeks is not Gold, but something much more enjoyable. He visits a small town or village unknown outside it's local area. Here you can still find a Mom & Pop Cafe. Where some local artwork is displayed near old B&W photos of past events are hung. There sit and visit awhile, you may just be listening to a 3rd or 4th generation Arizonan. The Arizona Duuude never tires of hearing or relating a story from Arizona's past, never stops searching for someone or someplace to visit and soak up more of this, Grand Canyon State.

The Arizona Duuude is also the subject of a popular cartoon series by artist Gary Bennett. The Duuude always tries to teach a lesson with his cartoons along with a bit of humor.